Channel Sales - Event Marketing Pkg. Process

The attached outlines the details for submitting request for branded signage, promo/give away items, marketing collateral, etc., in support of field marketing events. 

Important things to note:

  • Request are not needed for events that are being proactively managed and coordinated by Channel Marketing (IE.. Channel Partners Conference, Intelisys Channel Connect, PlanetOne events, etc.)
  • Various promo items have been pre-ordered for the channel’s on-hand inventory and will be selected by the designated distribution point on a per request/event basis.
  • Distribution points will take into consideration the type of the event, location and number of items needed when selecting the item for an event
  • Distribution points can’t accommodate request for promo/give away items greater than 30
  • Distribution points can't accommodate request that require delivery within 48 hours

Any special request that fall outside of what’s outlined in the attached should be submitted to Raquel